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3 signs that indicates your company needs an ERP system


Currently, the accelerated pace of new technologies has prompted the companies’ leaders to adopt digital transformation as companies began to require better technological solutions to support the functions of various administrative, accounting, human resources and general management areas. 

And when we talk about digital transformation, the first step that a company takes is the implementation of an ERP since having this solution can have data arranged in a logical way, in order to exploit them effectively. In addition, this transformation increases the competition level between one company and another.


Now ¿What is an ERP?

An ERP is an integral system that covers all areas of a business and allows the company to have full visibility of what is happening in it; this system is ideal to become the right hand of the company in decision making.

If the systems of your company no longer provide the performance you need, in this blog you can find out about the most relevant signs to know if your business needs an ERP system:


  1. Your company is growing considerably.

If your system is currently inefficient, you probably need an ERP system.

It is usual for many companies to depend on tools such as Excel to take control of the business; however, this tool will be insufficient in the future as long as the company maintains constant growth.

If you are wondering which system is the right one for your medium or large company, we recommend you to look at an ERP system that allows you to have a real-time analysis and effectively integrate the information of all areas of your business.


  1. Your company does not have a single source of information.

Your company does not have a single source of information if your business still depends on spreadsheets; it is likely that the data or versions of each area are different. This means that the information is not reliable.

Given this problem, an ERP system will allow you to integrate in a single source of information the data of all areas of your business and will support them to make better decisions, in a timely manner.


  1. Your company no longer has 100% customer satisfaction.

One of the signs to urgently enable an ERP system is when your customer no longer feels well taken care of by your company.

It is important to remember that the customer looks for precise information in a single consultation; for example, the status of a purchase. A customer needs accurate and fast information, and when contacting your company they have to call several times just to get a simple status; it definitely has a negative impact.

Having an intelligent management system will allow all areas of your business to be updated and therefore; you will enjoy a complete vision of your company to be able to instantly meet the needs of your customers.


Implementing SAP is a great option, since it is a system with great demand for business management. Being among the most important software providers in the business world, its modular structure allows working in different areas and interacting with each of them.

As of today, SAP allows an integral planning of all areas of a company, ranging from logistics to accounting, the commercial area, marketing, finance, production, project management, quality, maintenance and general administration. Thanks to its new feature S/4HANA you can get information more efficiently.

Let your business to grow without complications with the help of an ERP system that meets all your business needs. If what you need at this moment is support for the control of your inventories, generation of analytics in real time, control of your sales volume and the production costs, then choose to implement SAP S/4HANA, which will give you a full visibility to increase your production levels with the best management practices.

Start your way through the digital transformation. If you are interested in learning more about SAP S/4HANA, please get in touch with one of our Linktech experts, who will gladly guide you on the best business solution for your company.

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