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Starting a Roll Out Process in Mexico or LATAM? Here’s what you need to know:





If you are interested in starting a Roll Out process in Mexico and/or LATAM now but you don’t know where to start, we have good news for you! Linktech, SAP Gold Partner in Mexico facilitates and standardizes the processes you need, besides of providing information systems’ cost and maintenance optimization.


Linktech serves national and international clients and companies; we provide SAP support in your time zone at any time you need it. Our experts have extensive implementations experience, they are all bilingual and in continuous training to serve our customers in the best way.



In order to achieve a successful Roll Out process in Mexico we recommend the following key points:


  • Have the support of an expert partner:
  • Within the local model in which the Roll Out will be performed
  • Aware of the specifics matters of your industry
  • With proven experience in the market for providing: a correct analysis of gaps to enable settings that you really need with the specific adjustments for Mexico


Before starting your Roll Out process it is important to answer several questions that will help you to prioritize needs and areas of opportunities for your company, such as:


  • How compatible is my corporate model against the one of the subsidiary’s?
  • Do I know the local requirements?
  • How often do these local requirements change?
  • Does my company need support for customizing any specific module?
  • Does my company have the capacity to use and manage SAP support in Spanish?
  • Does the company have Roll Out guidelines?
  • For Roll out Planning, Do we need a specific team or only one Project Manager and implement everything else locally?


It is very important to assign a work team for this process which will be responsible for all levels. In Linktech Nearshore we offer you three options to carry out your Roll Out process




  1. Full


In this option Linktech Nearshore, takes over the entire project using a global model as a basis. Then, the additional requirements to carry out the business processes are added by the local company.


During the whole process Linktech Nearshore will provide an experts team and resources for the project, while your company will only be responsible for designating the key personnel for the Roll Out project with ASAP methodology.


  1. Part Time


In this option, your company is responsible of the project management and chooses certain services offered by Linktech. Your company takes liability over the complete project and Linktech will only manage some issues, such as: localization, specialized consultants for specific modules, etc.; we can also provide trainings and postgolive support


  1. Hybrid


In this option, the parent company manages the project and Linktech Nearshore provides part-time services



Postgolive support is key to the success of any product, we can provide it in-situ or remotely in the local language. The following are some of the benefits of this tool:


  • Access to a certified and expert team
  • Focus of your team on the initiatives of the company
  • Provision of support requirements and training


Benefits of our local support:


  • Quick response on site
  • Lower rates
  • Equipment ready for localization requirements
  • Cultural affinity



Perform a Roll Out process in Mexico with the help of Linktech and ensure better rates and lower travel costs, in addition to flexible contracts, remote or on-site service, trained teams to assist you 24/7, online platform to monitor your projects, among many others benefits.

We invite you to contact us, and let the Linktech experts answer all your questions about our Roll Out process and how to do it effectively, safely and quickly.


Linktech Nearshore will walk you through out all phases of the SAP life cycle. Contact us!


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