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3 things you did not know about digital transformation


Internet, Big Data and Digital Transformation are terms that are now being heard more frequently. Digital transformation today focuses, especially, on ways to improve the management of operations within companies of any size and any industry. However, what is digital transformation and why is the new way of governing companies?

The digital transformation is the application of digital capabilities to processes, products and assets to improve efficiency, value, management, identification and solution to problems of a company. This transformation begins with the adoption of an ERP solution, because it is through this solution that it is possible to have data ordered in a logical manner for its future and efficient exploitation.

Having a core of digital transformation has recently become important and companies have entered this field because all areas of a company need to improve processes and their way of operating internally.

In this blog, we share relevant facts about digital transformation, so you know the benefits of implementing this concept:


  1. Digital transformation increases the competitiveness level between companies.

Many companies at the moment are looking for the ideal technological strategies that help them optimize their processes to be able to produce more and spend less.


  1. México is falling behind regarding digital transformation.

The ignorance of this new philosophy constitutes a barrier to its incorporation. The benefits provided by digital transformation begin with obtaining data in an orderly manner, derived from a standardization of processes in the areas; Companies must optimize their management systems to increase their level of competence and production.


  1. With the right tool you can apply the digital transformation in a single platform.

To obtain better use of this tool, it is necessary to apply it in a single platform, in order to exploit the information through the implementation of an effective ERP such as SAP, which has been presented to companies as a leader in the digital transformation.

SAP S/4HANA is the perfect solution in order to have integrated information in a company that allows you to have greater growth through a good implementation, optimization, support and update.


With S/4HANA all the processes of a company can be connected in real time, resulting the ability to verify how the sales of the day are behaving, if you need to offer a discount, if sales are low, among other aspects that require timely decision making.

If as a company you still do not know the full range of options that digital transformation can offer you at a systematic, organizational and problem solving level, we invite you to contact Linktech's advisors, experts in identifying the needs of your company to turn them into growth opportunities.

Thanks to our experience we have managed to open new markets, regions, products and services with which we have achieved a growth of more than 20%. If your business needs a solution like SAP S/4HANA, we are what you’re looking for! We are recognized as the SAP Partner with the highest number of go-lives in SAP S/4HANA.

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