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Reasons why you need to implement an ERP system in your company



All companies of any size and industry, at some point in their life cycle, share a common need: during their growth or maturity it is difficult for them to have all the information integrated and to have in real time.


This information is essential to manage operational processes of all the company areas and to innovate and quickly transform any process or decision strategically.


For these reasons leaders of different industries are leaning towards a common solution:, an ERP, to fully integrate processes into a singleplatform, having a 360 visibility of the whole company, its operations all from day one of the ERP implementation. The ERP has  key functionalities to facilitate any process in any area of the company, but above all it will enable a better decision making process.


For the implementation of an ERP system it is important to identify the areas with deficiencies and recognize that are in  need of a change. Therefore, below we share the main signs that will show  your company needs this solution:

 1. The information is not  unified

All the areas of a business are important, so a unified operation has great advantages when making decisions

When these areas do not have a good communication amongst them, a lot of problems can be generated resulting in financial losses or a in bad experiences for the customers.


With an ERP system it is possible to gather all the information so that all those who are part of the company have an easy access to it, so that when an update is made by some area, the databases are also updated with unified information.  


 2. Decision making cannot be done in real time 

 When a business does not know what is happening within its operation, it is not capable of making timely decisions. With an ERP the essential data is available to all  who need it, which results in zero time constraints and timely decision making processes.


In the financial area it is vital to have an effective solution that allows the company  to generate all the necessary information in real time for the preparation of income, expenses, projections and budgets since through this solution we can optimize the reconciliation of accounts of goods and receipts of invoices with strategic information in real time and intelligent recommendations.


 3. Your business operation is unable to cope

 Many companies may already have implemented an ERP but they do not longer have the needed outcomes.. When a management system is no longer able to support the operation of the company thtat is the top signal that it must be replaced by a more powerful and complete solution.


To optimize an ERP system it is vital to work hand in hand with a partner that can implement and support the solution that is integrated into the company, an example of a broad solution is SAP S/4HANA. This ERP allows having  the company’s data at the right moment  in real time.  


SAP S/4HANA is the ideal solution to support the growth of a business, because it provides integrated processes based on best practices for products, services and organizations.


If your company does not currently have any type of ERP or you are looking to make the most of the one you already have , Linktech offers consulting services to easily identify your present needs and provide a solution that can enable your company to keep growing


Linktech an SAP Partner, we implement time-saving, cost-effective and innovative solutions with a team of seasoned consultants that get the needs and reality of your company. If you want to know what kind of solution is ideal for your business, call us now!


Linktech, linking your processes to information technologies!


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