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What is the functionality of the SAP S/4HANA and why it will grow your business?




If your goal as the leader of a company is to centralize the company's information and ensure that its users have visibility of the needs, it is necessary to consider implementing improvements in their operating processes. In this blog you will know a tool that companies of any size and industry are adopting strategically for the optimization of their resources.


Currently, most of the companies have adopted SAP through the S/4HANA tool because it offers a great solution for business management. This ERP facilitates timely decision making as it shows in real time improvements in operability and competitiveness; this solution is available on premise or through the cloud. It is important to mention that it was founded on a new database that allows the generation of analytics in real time without the need to wait to replicate this information.


S/4HANA is an ideal ERP solution for companies that are expanding significantly. The goal of any company is to grow! ... but if during this increase in operability, it does not have the necessary weapons that can perform as efficiently as a business needs, there could be problematic situations that can affect competitiveness and the vision with clients.  


Also SAP S/4HANA is a perfect solution for a large company, so that it can count on the information of all its business units, as well as its branches either in the country or abroad; always having full visibility in any moment that it is required to verify some data.


Besides being a solution that allows having a 360 visibility of a business, it can also contribute to its growth in the following ways:


  1. Making it competitive


Having a unified source and structure of information as well as clean data allows companies to find more ways to sell produce more and be much more profitable.


  1. Making strategic decisions


Having a solution that allows the company to make decisions in real time is of the utmost importance. With SAP S/4HANA a business can monitor the movement of its sales in real time and if any problem arises, it is easier to decide which strategy to follow in a timely manner, which turns out to be a competitive advantage.  


  1. Innovation within reach


The fact that a business has clean data allows smart decision-making, but in addition to this, having the tools and solutions necessary to help you to carry out a strategy is a plus that generates constant improvement to the company and allows the continuity of the operation.


Join the digital transformation by integrating all the operations that occur in your business in a single solution. If you are interested in learning more about SAP S/4HANA, ask for a consultancy in Linktech, known as the SAP Partner with the highest number of go-lives in SAP S/4HANA, in addition to being recognized in 2012 as SAP Partner of the Year. Contact us!

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